3B. Responsibilities of Grama Sabha

  1. The Grama Sabha shall have the following responsibilities namely: -
    1. dissemination of information regarding developmental and welfare activities;
    2. participating in and canvassing of programmes of Health and Literacy and such other time bound developmental programmes;
    3. collecting essential socio-economic data;
    4. providing feed back on the performance of development programmes;
    5. resort to moral sanction to pay taxes, repayment of loans promote environmental cleanliness and to maintain social harmony;
    6. mobilise local resources to augment resources of the panchayat;
    7. supervising development activities as volunteer teams and
    8. make arrangements for reporting urgently incidence of epidemics, natural calamities, etc.
  2. The Grama Sabha shall make periodical reports to the village panchayats in respect of matters specified in a section 3A

Section 3B Inserted by Act 13 of 1999.