CHAPTER XV. Registration of Private Hospitals and Pramedical institutions

310. Definitions : In this Chapter, -

(a) "hospital" means any establishments or premises used or intended to be used, for

the reception or accommodation of persons suffering from any sickness, injury or infirmity,

whether of body or mind, and the providing of treatment or nursing or both for them and

includes a maternity home but does not include any hospital or nursing homes licenced under

the Mental Health Act, 1987 (Central Act 14 of 1987) and institutions for the care of mentally

retarded persons and leprosy patients and institutions run by Government or voluntary organisations

for the care and welfare of the aged;

(b) "maternity home" means an establishment where women are usually received and

accommodated for the purpose of confinement and anti-natal and post-natal care in connection

with child birth or anything connected there with;

(c) "Private hospital" means any hospital other than a hospital belonging to or administrated

by the Central Government or State Government;

(d) "private paramedical institution" includes clinical laboratory, X-ray unit, blood bank,

scanning centres, 77[nursing schools] etc., under private ownership and also includes training

centers relating to the relevent subjects.

311. Registration of Private Hospitals and private paramedical institutions.— On or after the

commencement of this Act, no private hospital and private paramedical institution shall be established within

the territorial area of a Municipality without prior registration in that Municipality under section 313.

312. Registration of existing private hospitals and private paramedical

institutions.— In the case of a private hospital or a paramedical institution existing on the

date of commencement of this Act in a Municipal area it shall be deemed to have been

registered under this Act, if an application for registration has been filed in accordance with