(1) Though the Assam Board of Revenue the Assam Board of Revenue can dispose Act 1959 is repealed. Still by virtue of See of the pending appeals. A 1967 Assam 50 section 14 (3) of the amended Act 21 of 1962. (51) (DB)

(2)Punjab see Punjab Act, 5 of 1950 S.3 and Sch.1;And Punjab Act 5 of 1959 S.4 and Sch.I

(3)Tamil Nadu See T.N. Act, 35 of 1949, S.3 and Sch.I ,The Act has has been repealed in Madhya Pradesh (Vidarbha and Mahakoshal) by C.P and Berar Fisheries Act, 1948 (8 of 1948), S.11 (2-7-1948) as extended and amended by M.P Act 23 of 1958; and in Rajasthan by Rajashan Fisheries Act, 1953 (16 of 1953) S.14(12-8-1953). It has been repealed in Bombay area of the State of Maharashtra by Maha. Act. 1 of 1961. This Act also repealed the Hyd.Act 22 of 1356 Fasil in its application to Hyderabad area of the state. It was repealed in Vidarbha region of the State by M.P.Act 8 of 1948, which Act is now repealed by this Act.

The Act has now been extended to the Union Territories of--

(1) Goa, Daman and Diu by Regn. 12 of 1962 (1-2-1965)

(2) Pondicherry by Regn.7 of 1963 (1-10-1963): and

(3) Lcadive , Minicoy and Amindivi Islands (now known as Lakshdeep) Regn.8 of 1965 (1-10-1967)It was extended to “transferred territories” in Andhra Predesh and Tamil Nadu by A.P Act of 1961 and T.N Act 22 of 1965, respectively.The Act has been extended to Meghalaya State by Meghalaya A.L.O 1973 published in Meg.Gaz. 1973, Pt.VA.P.164.[b] Words "in the provinces' were omitted by A.L.O. 1950.