The Kerala Municipality Act 1994

THE KERALA MUNICIPALITY ACT, 1994*(As amended by Acts 20 of 1994, 33 of 2005, 34 of 2005, 35 of 2005, 36 of 2005 and Act 37 of 2005)An Act to replace the present enactments relating to Municipalities and Municipal Corporations by a comprehensive enactment in line with the Constitution (Seventy Fourth) Amendment Act. 


Whereas the Kerala Municipalities Act, 1960 and the Kerala Municipal Corporations Act, 1961, the laws with respect to the functioning of urban local bodies prevailing in the State are not in conformity with the provisions of Part 1XA of the Constitution of India inserted by the Constitution (Seventy Fourth Amendment) Act, 1992; AND WHEREAS it is expedient to replace the said enactments by a comprehensive enactment in line with the Constitution (Seventy Fourth Amendment) Act, 1992 for securing a greater measure of participation of the people in planned development and in local Governmental affairs by constituting Town Panchayats, Municipal Councils and Municipal Corporations; AND endow such Municipalities with necessary powers and authority to enable them to function as institutions of self-government; AND entrust such Municipalities with the functions of the preparation of plans and implementation of schemes for economic development and social justice including the implementation of schemes in relation to the matters listed in the Twelfth Schedule to the Constitution; Be it enacted in the Forty Fifth year of the Republic of India as follows:-


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