88. Submission and disposal of application

(1) An application to construct or reconstruct a wall or fence shall be submitted in white paper, typed or written in ink and affixed with necessary court fee stamp.
(2) Application shall contain documents to prove ownership and site plan.
(3) The site plan shall clearly show all buildings and structures in the plot and all the streets, paths, lanes abutting or leading to the plot and also a description of the materials used for the work.
(4) Application fee shall be paid as in Schedule-I.
(5) The Secretary shall, if convinced of the plan and drawings and genuineness of the ownership, issue permit within 30 days from the date of receipt of the application.
(6) A wall or fence abutting a street junction shall be sufficiently splayed as laid down under rule 31 (vi).
(7) The permit fee shall be as in Schedule-II.