146. Functions of the Commission.

(1) Functions of the Commission shall be,-

    1. to identify areas of heritage and monuments to be preserved;
    2. to identify areas of architectural importance and buildings to be preserved;
    3. to identify places or streets where a particular form of or group ofarchitectural forms of buildings alone may be permitted and to prepare model plans,elevations etc; for that place or street;
    4. to examine architectural features in respect of any building or parts thereof or their aesthetic vis-à-vis the existing structures in a particular area or street;
    5. to advise Government or Panchayat on any subject mentioned aboveand referred to it; and
    6. to submit periodical reports.


  1. Not withstanding anything contained in these rules and with due regard to the conservation of buildings, precincts and natural features of heritage value,the commission shall have powers to recommend to permit or recommend to decline land developments, uses and constructions including additions, alterations and demolitions etc., within the areas identified or advised by the commission as having heritage value;

  2. The Panchayat shall seek such recommendations of the commission,and the recommendations of the commission shall be binding to the Panchayat including any particular architectural or aesthetic form of construction in the case of land developments and constructions in such areas.