35. Coverage and Floor Area Ratio

 (1) The maximum percentage of coverage permissible for each occupancy shall limit the maximum area at any floor of a building. The floor area ratio value shall limit the maximum buildable total floor area. Floor Area Ratio ie F.A.R shall be calculated as shown below:

 Coverage = maximum built up area at any floor /Plot area)x 100

 F.A.R. = Total floor area on all floors/Plot Area

(2) The percentage of coverage and the F.A.R value of buildings under different occupancies shall not exceed the maximum specified in Table 2 belowFAR-Table2























Note :-

(i) The maximum permissible coverage of a building of a particular occupancy group shall be limited by the value given in Table 2 and shall be the area covered by the building at any floor after accounting for the exterior (front, rear and sides) and interior open spaces.


(ii) Area used for parking of vehicles within a building, electrical room, room for air conditioning plant, generator room, area occupied by lifts except for one floor, internal sanitary shafts, air conditioning ducts etc; shall not be reckoned as floor area in F.A.R calculation.


(iii) In the case of a building / building complex which accommodates more than one occupancy from among the groups A1-Residential, A2-Lodging Houses, DAssembly, E-Office or Business and F-Mercantile/ Commercial, the maximum permissible Floor Area Ratio and Coverage shall be the weighted average of the Floor Area Ratio and Coverage under the respective occupancies in Table 2, if the plot has an area more than 0.5 hectares. Provided that, if the plot area is upto 0.5 hectares, the Floor Area Ratio and

Coverage shall be that of the most restrictive occupancy. 

(iv) In the case of Government Owned Information Technology Parks, Government Approved Private Information Technology Parks and Government Approved Private Information Technology buildings under Group E occupancy, the maximum permissible FAR shall be 3.25 and the maximum permissible coverage shall be 40%,irrespective of the category of the Grama Panchayat.