20. Power to fine any member of the governing body or servant of the society and dismiss him for disobedience.

  1. The [State Government] may fine any members of the governing body or servant of the society who wilfully or contumaciously disobeys any order passed by them under section 19 in an amount not exceeding fifty rupees for each act of disobedience. If the said member or servant fails to carry out the said order within one week from the date of receipt by him of the order imposing the fine, the [StateGovernment] may dismiss him. The governing body of the society shall be bound to give effect to the order passed by the 7[State Government] under this section and any failure on their part to give effect to such order shall be deemed disobedience within the meaning of this section.
  2. A person dismissed under sub-section (1) shall be disqualified to be elected or nominated as a member of the governing body for a period of 5 years from the date of such removal unless the disqualification is removed by the [State Government].

7. Substituted by Kerala Adaptation of Low Order, 1956