Rules prohibiting the use of "Othukkuvala"

Notification No.Fd.13/8120/54 Fd.D dated 31st May 1955, Published in the Gazette dated 7th June 1955, Part I Page 658.

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 4 of the Travancore-Cochin Fisheries Act, 1950 (XXXIV of 1950) Government hereby make the following rule, namely:-

Fishing by the use of "Othukkuvala" with padals in the State waters is strictly prohibited. 1["except as hereinafter provided": -

Fishing by the use of Othukuvala with padals not exceeding 30 feet in circumstance is allowed within a distance of 75 feet from the shore in the areas of the Ashtamudi backwaters specified below.

Those who desire to fit with Othukuvala shall appear in person before the office of the Inspector of Fisheries. Quilon and take a license in which the place and other restrictions for the operation of nets will be specified. They shall also record a statement of contest before the Inspector or Sub-Inspector of Fisheries concerned to abide by the conditions specified in the licence.

Areas where operation of Othukuvala is permitted.

From the eastern side of the two railway bridges now under construction up to Kaithakote along the northern side of the shores of Perumon, Chemmakad, Veliman, Cherumoottu etc. from Karikuzhi to Kuthiramunambu to east up to southern side of Patappakara and from Karikuzhi to Kuthiramunambu along up to Kumbalam, Pallikadavu along the northern side of Patappukara, within 75 feet from the shore.

Note:- Peyamthuruthu situated in the midst of the backwaters and from where mud is now removed for the construction of railway bridges will not be considered as a shore in calculating the distance from the land and operating the nets for the purpose of the notification.]