The Travancore - Cochin Fisheries Rules, 1952

* Issued by Noti.No.ELI-4878/52/PWC, dt.28-8-1952, Gazette, dt. 9-9-1952.

Rules regulating fishing in the Kundale lake in Sethuparvathipuram reservoir.

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 4(1) and Section 18 of the Travancore-Cochin Fisheries act, 1950 (XXIV of 1950) Government are pleased to make the following rules regulating the fishing in the Kundale lake in Sethuparvathipuram Reservoirs: -

  1. The Executive Engineer, Generation Division, Chitirapuram, under whose control the Kundale Dam works are placed, may grant permission to applicants for fishing in the Kundale lake or may cancel the permission given to anybody for fishing.
  2. Any visitor, bonafied tourist and staff members of any company operating in the Devicolam taluk may apply for permission to fish in the taluk No person without permission shall fish in the lake.
  3. Fishing shall be with road and line only. Normally this should be with the artificial fly on a single hook but trolling and spinning the artificial minnow may be permitted. No netting or any other form of fishing shall be allowed.
  4. Six roads will be allowed for fishing at any one time.
  5. All fish retained must be killed at the waterside.
  6. Boats required for the purpose will ordinarily have to be provided at fisher's own cost. The Electricity Department's boats, if any available, will be give on hire at the rates fixed from time to time.
  7. Fishing boats shall not be permitted to go within 100ft. distance of the Dam itself.
  8. Three water wardens will be appointed to ensure that the rules are strictly adhered to. For the present, they shall be (1) the Executive Engineer, Generation Division, Chitirapuram, (2) the Chairman of the High Range Angling Association, and (3) the Manager of the Yellappatty or Chittavurrai Estate as nominated by the General Manager of the K.D.H.P.Co.,Ltd.
  9. A fishing permit will be given to every person who has been permitted to fish in the locality by the Executive Engineer. Generation Division, on application, or by General Manager of the K.D.H.P.Co.,Ltd. or by the Chairman of the High Range Angling Association. A statement of the permits issued and feed collected by the latter two shall be sent to the Executive Engineer, General Division, every month. The Executive Engineer will be at liberty to refuse permission to any person without assigning reasons therefor.
  10. The number of fish caught and their weight shall be notified to the Officer-in -charge, Kunadale Dam, at least once a month. Members introducing visitors are responsible for submitting their returns.
  11. Permission of the water warden should be asked for before fishing in the water to avoid over-crowding and disappointment. Any person who has not conformed to this rule must give may to another who has done so if the occasion arises.
  12. The normal fee for fishing in the lake shall be Re.1 per person per day payable on advance. An annual membership for fishing also could be obtained on payment of a fee of Rs.30. Permission on a block membership basis shall be given to the High Range Angling Association or such other recognised Associations, on payment of an annual fee of Rs.120 provided not more then four members shall fish at a time in the lake.
  13. The amounts collected by way of subscriptions etc. shall be credited to Miscellaneous Revenue of the Electricity Department.