10. Limitation and Conditions subject to which a Regional Dowry Prohibition Officer may exercise Powers of Police Officer.

  1. Save and except the provisions of Chapters V of the Code of Criminal Procedure, namely the power of arrest of person without warrant, the Regional Dowry Prohibition Officer shall have the powers of a Police Officer under the said Code for the purpose of investigation and submission of report before the competent magistrate.
  2. Whenever the Regional Dowry prohibition Officer has reasonable grounds for believing that an offence punishable under this Act has been or is being or is about to be committed within his jurisdiction and that the search of any premises with warrant cannot be made without undue delay, he may, after sending the grounds of his belief to the District Magistrate search such premises without a warrant.
  3. Before making a search under sub-section (2), the regional Dowry Prohibition Officer shall call upon two or more residents of the locality in which the place to be searched is situated to attend and witness the search and may issue an order in writing to them or any of them to do so.
  4. Any person, without reasonable cause, refuses or neglects to attend and witness a search under this rule, when called upon to do by an order in writing delivered or tendered to him, shall be deemed to have committed an offence under section 187 of the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860).