9. Recognition of Welfare Institutions.

A Welfare Institution or Organization primarily devoted to any of the following kinds of work and has rendered remarkable service in the field for a period of not less than 3 years will be eligible for seeking recognition under sub-clause (ii) of clause (b) of sub-section (i) of section 7 of the Act.

  1. Social Welfare, including care, protection and training of women.
  2. Organization of Women of a State –wide or All India Character Prominent Mahila Samajams or Women’s Organizations;
  3. Social Defence including care and protection of destitutes, Rescue of women and children.
  4. Any organization of lawyers interested in eradicating social evils.
    1. Any Welfare institution or organization eligible under sub-rule (i) and desiring recognition shall make an application to the State Government in Form No. IV annexed to these rules together with a copy each of the Rules. Bye laws Article of Association lists of its members and office bearers and a report regarding its activities and past record of Social or Community Service.
    2. The State Government may after making such enquiry by a Senior Officer of the Concerned department and after considering the report as to the nature and post record of service of the organization or institution which has presented the application in this regard, grant recognition for a period of five years which can be renewed after submitting a renewal application.
    3. An application for renewal or recognition shall be submitted in Form No. V annexed to these rules in the manner prescribed in sub-rule (ii) of Rule 9 which shall be processed as per the procedure laid down in sub-rule (iii) and recognition shall he granted/renewed in cases where the working of the institution or organization is reported to be fairly satisfactory;
    4. The State Government may withdraw the recognition granted to an institution or organization if the working of the institution/organization is found or reported to be unsatisfactory by the Chief Dowry Prohibition Officer or other wise.