7. Method of appointment duties and functions of Chief Dowry Prohibition Officer.

  1. The State Government as per Notification G.O.(P) No.33/92 SWD dated, 20-8-1992 (S.R.O. No 68/93) have designated the Director of Social Welfare as the Chief Dowry Prohibition Officer, to a administer and co-ordinate the work relating to dowry prohibition throughout the State;
  2. The Chief Dowry Prohibition Officer shall co-ordinate the work of Regional Dowry Prohibition Officers and shall be responsible for creating consciousness and awareness to prevent dowry system among the public and to set out programmes with view to uproot the evil of dowry system:
  3. The Chief Dowry Prohibition Officer shall be responsible for the preparation and submission of an Annual Report on the progress of implementation of Dowry Prohibition Act and related matters and of such statistics as may from time to time be required by Government.
  4. The Chief Dowry prohibition Officer shall issue instructions to all the Department of the State Government to the following effect:-
    1. Every Government servant shall after his marriage furnish a declaration stating that he has not taken any dowry to the Head of Department. The declaration shall be signed by the wife, father and father-in-law;
    2. One specified day in a year is to be observed as Dowry Prohibition Day:
    3. Pledge is to be administered to the students in schools and colleges and other institutions not to give or take dowry.