6. Additional functions to be performed by the regional Dowry Prohibition Officers.

  1. he shall endeavour to create awareness among the public by organizing camps, publicity through Information & Broadcasting Department, Panchayat Samiti and other media against dowry and to involve local people for prevention of dowry.
  2. He shall receive complaints for any offence under the Act from the party, parent or other relative of such person aggrieved or by any recognized welfare
    institution/organization [under Rule-2] in writing;
  3. He shall maintain a register for the purpose of the Act to record all complaints, enquiries and results thereof and other relevant information connected therewith in the prescribed From No. 1. He shall also maintain separate files with relevant records for each individual case;
  4. he shall act as the member Secretary/Convener of the Advisory Board. He shall maintain regular contact with the members of the Advisory board for necessary advice and assistance from them. He shall inform the district Magistrate or any other person authorised by the State Government for the purpose, about all the affairs relating to operation of the Act, as and when necessary;
  5. He shall discharge his duties with due care, decorum, privacy and in a manner to uphold the dignity and harmony of family relationships:
  6. The Regional Dowry Prohibition Officer’s approach shall be primarily, preventive and remedial and prosecution shall be recommended or resorted to only if all other measures and directions are found ineffective or when parties fail to comply with the orders or direction within the stipulated time;
  7. Every such complaint received by the Regional Dowry Prohibition Officer shall be serially numbered and duly registered in a register in Form No 1 annexed to these Rules;
  8. The Regional Dowry Prohibition Officer shall scrutinize the complaint and if it is found that the nature and the contents of the complaints is such that it is apparently coming within the purview of Section 3 or 4 or 4A or 5 or 6 of the Act, he will immediately conduct an enquiry to collect such evidence from the parties and to the genuineness of the complaint;
  9. The Regional Dowry prohibition Officers shall send quarterly reports to the Chief Dowry Prohibition Officer as to the number of complaints received under the Act and the action taken or the nature of settlement of the issue in From No II annexed to these rules. The Regional Dowry prohibition Officer shall send such details or reports as may be required by Chief Dowry prohibition Officer or the Government from time to time.
  10. The regional Dowry prohibition Officer shall intimate or serve notices to the parties and witness of the date, time and place of hearing of the complaints in Form Bo. III annexed to these Rules.
  11. Every petition shall be enquired into and heard and a finding recorded within a month form the date of its receipt.
  12. Where on the date fixed for hearing of the complaint or petition or on any other date to which such hearing may be adjourned, the complaint or petitioner does not appear, the regional Dowry Prohibition Officer may in his discretion, either dismiss the complaints or petition for default or hear and come to a finding as to its merit which shall be recorded in the case file.
  13. The Regional Dowry prohibition Officers may utilize the services of District Prohibition Officers or Additional District Prohibition Officers or City Probation Officers of the area for collecting information or conducting enquiries or assisting in any stage of enquiries or proceedings relating to a complaint petition or application under the Dowry Prohibition Act.
  14. On receipt of requisition from the regional Dowry Prohibition Officer the Probation Officers shall conduct necessary enquiries collect information and furnish such detail o repot promptly as requested by him.
  15. Where any dowry is received by any persons other than the women and a complaints is received in respect of non-transfer of such dowry to the woman who is entitled to it in accordance with Section 6 of the Act, the Regional Dowry Prohibition Officer shall issue directions to the parties to transfer the same within the stipulated time.
  16. The Regional Dowry prohibition Officer shall make necessary enquiries regarding non observance of the provision of the Act in respect of the marriages held or proposed to be held within his jurisdiction.
  17. He shall ascertain and confirm by suitable means in respect of a many number of marriages as are held within his jurisdiction as to whether the provisions of the Act are being followed and are not being contravened.
  18. He shall render assistance to the police in investigating the complaint field under the Act and the Court in the trial of the case.
  19. He shall seek the guidance of Advisory Board in matters relating to their functioning under the Act;
  20. The Regional Dowry prohibition Officer (Member Secretary/ Convenor of the Advisory Board) shall send a copy of the proceedings of each meeting of the Advisory Board, within a fortnight from the date of meeting to the District Magistrate with a copy to the State Government for information necessary action;
  21. He shall also perform such other duties as may be assigned in this regard by the State Government