Appendix I. List of instruments referred to in rule 10(a)

Sl No   No. of articles in the Schedule
1 Administration bond 2
2 Affidavits 4
3 Appointments made in execution of a power 7
4 Articles of association of a company 10
5 Charter parties 18
6 Declaration of trust *[57A]
7 Instruments evidencing an agreement relating constituting or being evidence of the title to any property whatever (other than a marketable security or (2) the pawn or pledge of movable property) 8
8 Memoranda of association of companies *[36]
9 Mortgage of crops *[38]
10 Notes of protest by Masters of ships *[41]
11 Revocation of trusts **[57B]
12 Share warrants issued by a company in accordance with section 43 of the Indian Companied Act in force from time to time **[52]
13 Warrants for goods **[58]
14 Note or memorandum when the duty payable exceeds Twenty paise **[40(b)]

* Substitued by GO (MS) 45/71/TD dt. 31-7-1971.
** Substitued by GO (MS) 45/71/TD dt. 31-7-1971.