The following instruments when stamped with adhesive stamps shall be stamped with the following descriptions of such stamp viz:-

  1. Copies of maps or plans and printed copies certified to be true copies with court fee stamps.
  2. Instruments chargeable with stamp duty under Articles 5 (a) and (b) or *[40] of Schedule 1 with stamps bearing the words “Agreement” or “Brokers Note” respectively.
  3. ** Customs bond chargeable with stamp duty under Article 25 of the Schedule with stamps of any value bearing the words ***[“customs”].

* Substituted for “39” by GO(MS) 45/71/TD dt. 31-7-1971.
** Inserted by GO (P) 23/71/TD dt. 9-6-1971 Pub. in K.G.No. 25 dt. 29-6-1971.
*** Substitued by SRO No.632/76 Published in K.G. No. 24 dt. 15-6-1976.