Section 50

  1. The enclosure shall be in charge of an operator holding a licence granted by the Chief Electrical Inspector to Government on the strength of competency certificate issued by the Board of Examiners constituted by Government. The operator shall be not less than 18 years and over 60 years of age and shall be present in the enclosure during the whole time the machine is operated.
    Note: The Chief Electrical Inspector may at his discretion grant renewal of licence for further period of one year at a time if the holder of the licence produces medical certificates from a medical officer of or above the rank of Assistant Surgeon to the effect that he is fit for functioning as Cinema Operator and further satisfies other condition for renewal of licence. However the number of such renewals shall not continue after the licensee attains 65 years of age.
  2. The Chief Electrical Inspector to Government who is the licensing authority in respect of the operators under sub-rule (1) shall have the power to nominate any officer under his control to renew the licence granted by him.
  3. The operator shall satisfy himself before commencement of each performance that all cables, leads, connections and resistances as also the fire extinguishing appliances in the enclosures are in proper working order.