Section 35

The following persons shall have power to enter upon any place licensed or for which an application for grant of permission of licence has been made for the purpose of seeing that the provisions of the Act and the Rules are being carried out, namely:-

  1. The Licensing Authority, the appellate authority and the revisional authority or their nominees.
  2. The Chief Engineer, Buildings, the Executive Engineer or his nominee.
  3. The Chief Electrical Inspector or his nominee.
  4. Any Police Officer not below the rank of Sub Inspector of Police.
  5. Director of Health Services, Health Officers of Municipal Corporation/ Municipalities and in the case of Township or Panchayat such Officer of the Health Services Department having jurisdiction over the area as may be specified by the Director of Health Services,
  6. Any Officer in the Fire Force Department not below the rank of Assistant Divisional Officer.
  7. The Director of Public Relations, the District Information Officer or his nominee.