11. Mode of affixing the impressing labels

  1. The proper officer shall upon any instrument specified in Rule 10 being brought to him before it is executed and upon application being made to him affix thereto a label of such value as the applicant may require and pay for, and impress or perforate such label or labels by means of a stamping machine or a perforating machine and also stamp or write on the face of the label or labels the date of impressing or perforating the same. In the case of instruments written on parchment, the labels shall be further secured by means of metallic eyelets.
  2. On affixing any label or labels under this rule proper officer shall where the duty amounts to Rs. five or upwards write on the face of the label or labels his initals and where the duty amounts to Rs. twenty or upwards, shall also attach his usual signature to the instrument immediately under the label or labels.
  3. Any principal assistant of the proper officer may discharge the functions of the proper officer under sub-rule (2) if employed by the Government in this behalf.