9. The proper officer

The Superintendent of Stamps, the Officers in charge of the District Treasuries 3[and Sub Treasuries and Manager and Agents of the Nationilsed Banks and State Bank of India and subsidiaries.] the District Stamp Depots, and the Sub Treasuries and any other Officer or Officers appointed in this behalf by the Government are empowered to affix and impress or perforate labels and each of them shall be deemed to be the ‘proper officer’ for the purposes of the Act and of these Rules

2 Substituted by GO (MS) No.90/78/TD dated 7-8-1978 Pub. in K.G. No. 34 dt. 22-8-1978 as SRO 821/78.

3 Inserted by SRO 962/86 Pub.in K.G No. 24 dt. 17-6-1986.