7. Provision where single sheet of paper is insufficient

  1. For every instrument, a single stamp either impressed or adhesive of the exact amount of duty chargeable in respect of such instrument should alone be used. If no single stamp of the denomination covering the duty required by the instrument in available in circulation two or more stamps to make up the exact amount of duly chargeable may be used in which case a portion of the instrument shall be written on each paper so used:
    Provided that no stamp of a lower denomination should be used so long as it is possible to have one of a higher denomination.
  2. Where a single sheet of paper not being paper bearing an impressed hundi stamp is insufficient to admit of the entire instrument being written on it so much plain paper may be sub-joined thereto as may be necessary for the complete writing of such instrument:
    Provided that in every such case a substantial part of the instrument shall be written on the sheet which bears the stamp before any part is written on the plain sub-joined.