Section 17

Permanent and temporary cinemas may be licensed for any period not exceeding one year provided that:

  1. if the licensee of a temporary cinema closes the cinema at any time during the currency of the licence, he shall intimate the fact to the Licensing Authority with reasons therefor and if the closure is found not for valid and justified reasons the Licensing Authority shall under intimation to the licensee declare that the licence ceases to be valid from the date of such closure and that renewal of licence shall be done only if fresh structural soundness certificate in Form ‘C' and electrical certificate in Form 'D' are produced; and
  2. no fresh permission or licences shall be granted for temporary cinemas in Municipal Corporations, Municipalities and Townships in the State.
    18. Every licence issued under these rules shall be exhibited in a conspicuous place in the licensed premises and shall be produced for inspection on demand by the Licensing and Inspecting Authorities or Officers authorised by such authorities.