Section 13

After obtaining the certificates referred to in Rule 12, the applicant shall submit his application for licence under S, 3 of the Act in writing to the Licensing Authority. The application shall be accompanied by-

  1. the certificates issued by the Executive Engineer, the Chief Electrical Inspector or his nominee concerned and the Health Officer;
  2. a certificate from the Films Division of the Government of India that all arrangements have been made for the supply of approved films;
  3. documentary evidence pertaining to the ownership and possession of the site, building and equipment and if he is not the owner, documentary evidence to show that he is in lawful possession of the site, building and equipments to the satisfaction of the Licensing Authority;
  4. receipt for the payment of licence fees at the rate prescribed under sub-rule (2) of Rule 19; and
  5. the certificate from the Divisional Officer (Fire Force) in the case of multiple, multi-storeyed and air-conditioned theatres.