Section 4

Every application to the licensing authority for permission under S.6 of the Act shall be in writing in Form 'A' and shall be accompanied by :


  1. Structural design complete plans, elevations and sections, of the premises and of all erections or buildings thereon drawn correctlyto the scale of 1 cm to 1 metre and electrical schematic physical layout of electrical equipments and earthing arrangements including A.C. equipment and details of layout of acoustic arrangement;
  2. A site plan on a separate sheet showing the position of such premises in relation to any adjacent premises and to the public thoroughfare upon which the site of such premises abuts, drawn to a scale of 1 cm. to 400 cm.;
    Explanation: -

    1. The site plan should clearly indicate the surrounding roads and buildings which exist up to a distance of 100 metres of the proposed site, showing all Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Temples, Mosques, Churches or other places of Public Worship.
    2. The cardinal points shall be marked on such drawings. The materials employed in the construction of buildings shall be clearly indicated in the drawings.
    3. 'The width of all staircases and the number of steps in each, the width of corridors, gangways, and doorways together with height of any galleries or tiers in such premises and in any of the erections or buildings in connection there with as are more than one tier in height indicating on such drawings the floor, roof and ventilation and the details of any intended electric installation shall be indicated. The thickness of the walls and scantling of the various materials used shall be clearly shown on such drawings by figured dimensions;
  3. records necessary to prove ownership or lawful possession of the site;
  4. receipt for the payment of the fee at the rates prescribed under sub-rule (1) of Rule 19;
  5. six additional copies of the application accompanied by copies of plans and other papers mentioned in clauses (l),(ii) and (iii).

Rr. 4 & 28 - The distance between two temporary theatres or two theatres falling under R. 28 (2) has to be measured only along the public road, and not as the crow flies or in a straight line on a horizontal plane.