(See Rule 14)


  1. Name and address of Licensee
  2. If the Licensee is not the owner of the place or building, the name and address of the owner thereof
  3. Situation of the place of building
  4. Area of the place or building in square metre
  5. Materials of which the roof, side walls, gallery and stair cases are made
  6. Whether the place or building is to be used during the day or during the night, or both
  7. Date of last inspection by
    1. The Chief Electrical Inspector to Government or his nominee
    2. The Executive Engineer, P.W.D. (Buildings and Local Works), having jurisdiction over the area.
  8. Period for which the licence is to be in force
  9. Fees paid
    1. 1. Special conditions if any, on which licence is granted.
      1. The licensee shall not exhibit advertisement slides relating to sexual diseases and medicines to correct sexual disorders, or purporting to assist the childless in begetting children.
      2. The Licensee shall not permit obscene or objectionable posters or pictorial publicity material to be displayed in the licensed premises.
      3. The maximum rates of payment for admission to the different classes in the licensed premises shall be as indicated below and these rates shall not be increased during the currency of this licence without an order, in writing, by the Licensing Authority permitting such increases. The order of the Licensing Authority in this regard is liable to be cancelled or modified by the State Government, if they consider such a course, just and necessary.
      4. Any person, who is aggrieved by the order, of the Licensing Authority on an application for permission to increase the said maximum rate may, within 30 days from the date of receipt of such order, appeal to the State Government who may after such inquiry as they consider necessary pass such orders thereon as they think fit.
  10. Maximum number of persons permitted in each part of the auditorium.

    Class of accommodation      Maximum rate of admission
    In the first class   Persons
    In the    Persons
    In the    Persons
    In the    Persons
    Total   Persons


Conditions of Licence

The Licence is granted subject to the provisions of the Kerala Cinema (Regulation) Act, 1958 and the rules made there under. It is also subject to the following conditions. The terms and conditions of the licence as inserted may be modified or added to at any time during the currency of the licence.

  1. This licence does not exempt the licensee or his servants or agents from taking out any other licence required by or otherwise complying with any other law or rule or bye-law made there under.
    1. The licensee shall not exhibit or permit to be exhibited any film other than a film which has been certified as suitable for public exhibition by the authority constituted under S.3 of the Cinematograph Act, 1952 (This condition shall not apply to newsreels produced by the Films Division, Bombay) which, when exhibited, displays the prescribed mark of that authority, and has not been altered or tampered with in anyway since such mark was affixed thereto.
    2. The licensee shall not exhibit or permit to be exhibited, in the place in respect of which this licence is given, to any person who is not an adult any film which has been certified by an authority constituted under S. 3 of the Cinematograph Act, 1952, as suitable for public exhibition restricted to adults,
    3. The licensee shall not display or cause to be displayed, any photograph, picture or poster which depicts or represents or purports to represent a scene or shot which has been excised from any film under the orders of the Central Government.
      Explanation.- This condition shall not be construed as prohibiting the exhibition of a film, in respect of which an 'A' Certificate has been granted, to children in arms below the age of three.
  2. The licensing authority and any subordinate duly authorised by him in that behalf and any police officer deputed to keep order during any entertainment in the licensed premises shall at all times have free access to the said premises in order to see whether the conditions of the licence are fulfilled.
    1. The licensee shall exhibit at each performance one or more approved films of such length and for such length of time, as the State Government or Central Government may, by general or special order, direct subject to the proviso to S.7 of the Act.
    2. The licensee shall comply with such directions as the State Government may, by general or special order, give as to the manner in which approved films shall be exhibited in the course of any performance.
      Explanation,- "Approved film" means a cinematograph film approved for the purpose of this condition by the State Government or the Central Government.
  3. The licensee shall also exhibit at each performance such slides as may be supplied by the licensing authority, in such manner and for such length of time so that authority may direct subject to the proviso to S.8 of the Act.
  4. No fire work shall be used as adjunct to a cinematograph exhibition.
  5. No person shall be admitted within a line metres in front of and parallel to the screen. A strong barrier or other efficient partition shall be provided for enforcing this condition.
  6. The licensee shall not, without the permission of the licensing authority, assign, sub-let or otherwise transfer the licence of licensed premises; nor shall the licensees, without permission as aforesaid, allow any other person during the period of currency of this licence, to exhibit films in the licensed premises.
  7. In the case of traveling cinematograph shows the address on the first day of each month and of every subsequent change of camp shall be notified to the Electrical Inspector to Government.
  8. The licensed premises shall not be kept open after 2 a.m. (H.E. time) on any day without obtaining special permission, in writing, from the licensing authority in respect of such day.
    1. There shall be prominently exhibited at each public entrance whenever the premises are open to the public a notice indicating in tabular form and in clear bold letters and figures:
      1. The title of each film to be shown on that day, other than trailers and advertisement films;
      2. The approximate time of commencement of each such film;
      3. Whether each such film has received as "A" or "U" certificate from the Central Board of Film Censors; and
      4. Whether persons below the age of 18 years, other than children below the age of 3 years shall be admitted or not;
      5. Whenever 3-D Films are exhibited, the licensee shall supply to each viewer 3-D glasses properly sterilized with Aerosole-Disinfector before the show begins. The licensee shall also procure sufficient quantity of aerosole disinfector and keep a ledger showing the number of glasses sterilized and the quantity of the material used each time and produce it for inspection on demand.
    2. The nature of any certificate received in respect of a film from the Central Board of Film Censors shall clearly be indicated by the letter 'U' or 'A' in any advertisement of the film displayed at the premises.
  9. The licence shall be subject to revocation of suspension for the breach of any of these conditions or of the special conditions specified on the reverse.
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Licensing Authority