11. Filing of Memorandum and Register of Marriages (Common)

  1. On receipt of a memorandum and the prescribed fee for registration, the Local Registrar shall verify the entries in the memorandum for its accuracy and completeness, and enter the particulars thereof forthwith in the Register of Marriages (Common) maintained by him for this purpose in Form No. III appended to these Rules and affix his signature and seal in the space provided therefor. A certificate of marriage shall be issued to the applicant in Form No. IV appended to these Rules in proof of registration of the marriage on payment of fee of rupees five, within five working days. The entries relating to each marriage shall be given Registration Numbers consecutively for each calendar year and separate registers shall be maintained for each calendar year.
  2. Local Registrar may, for reasons to be recorded, in writing reject the memorandum for registration if it is not in proper form or not accompanied by the requisite fee and shall intimate the reason to the parties concerned, within a period of thirty days from the date of such rejection.
  3. The Local Registrar shall forward the duplicate copies of the memorandum received in a month to the Registrar General concerned before the 10th day of every subsequent month. The originals of the memorandum received by the Local Registrar and duplicate copies forwarded to the Registrar General concerned shall be filed as permanent records.