9. Procedure and time limit for registration

  1. The parties to a marriage shall prepare a memorandum in duplicate in Form No. I appended to these Rules along with two separate sets of photos and shall submit the same to the Local Registrar within a period of forty-five days from the date of solemnization of their marriage.
  2. The memorandum for registration of marriages solemnized before the commencement of these Rules may be submitted within a period of one year from the date of commencement of these Rules.
  3. The memorandum shall be signed by both the parties to the marriage and two other persons who witnessed the marriage. In the case of a marriage solemnized before a Marriage Officer appointed under any statutory provisions, the entries made in the Register of Marriages or any other register maintained for this purpose and certified by the Marriage Officer and in the case of a marriage solemnized as per religious rites, a copy of the certificate of marriage issued by the religious authority concerned may be a document in proof of the marriage. A registrtion fee of rupees ten shall be payable along with the submission of the memorandum for registration.
  4. Marriages solemnized after the commencement of these Rules, in respect of which no memorandum is filed within the period of forty-five days and a period of one year has not expired from the date of such solemnization, may be registered subject to sub-rule (3) by the Local Registrar after imposing a fine of rupees one hundred. In such cases the memorandum shall be filed together with a declaration from a Gazetted Officer/Member of Parliament/Member of Legislative Assembly/Member of a Local Self Government Institutions in Form No. II appended to these Rules or with any other document to prove the solemnization of the marriage to the satisfaction of the Local Registrar.