APPENDIX I. Application for Loan

(See Rule 6)

  1. Purpose of the loan.
  2. The amount proposed to be borrowed.
  3. If the amount is for any remunerative work the probable return from the same per annum after its execution,
  4. The fund or the portion of the fund on the security of which it is proposed to borrow.
  5. The law under which the said fund is levied, received or held.
  6. The date within which the money is to be borrowed.
  7. The rate of interest at which the money is to be borrowed.
  8. The term of years for which the money is to be borrowed and the method by which it is to be repaid.
  9. Account of the financial position of the Municipality.
  10. A statement of the prior loans outstanding, repayment and the method of their repayment.