Seventh Schedule

Penalties for continuing breaches

[See Sub section (2) of section 257]

Section Sub section/ clause Subject Fine which may be imposed
274   Obstructing a persons in the use or enjoyment of a public road, market, well, tank, etc. Five hundred rupees.
233 [209 (C) (2) Unauthorised exhibition of any advertisement One hundred rupees
220 (a) Unlawful building of over public road wall or erectingfence, etc. in or One hundred rupees
220 (b) Construction of building or a high structure in the land abutting the road without leaving a distance of three metres One hundred ruppes
220 (c) Unlawful making of over public road hole or depositing of matter in or Fifty rupees
220 (d) Unlawful quarrying Fifty rupees
220 (e) Unlawful construction of building over drain Two hundred rupees
222 (1) Opening or keeping open a private market in contravention of section 221 Five hundred rupees
222 (3) Levy of fees in private evening market (Anthichantha) One hundred rupees
222 (4) Levy of fees in private market without a licence Two hundred rupees
224   Sale or exposure for of animal or article without sale in public permission or private market One hundred rupees
228 (1) Keeping open a private cart-stand without licence or contrary to licence. One hundred rupees
232   Using a place for any purpose prescribed undersection 232 without a licence or contrary to licence One hundred rupees
233   Unlawful erection of factory, workshop, etc. Five hundred rupees.

233 Inserted by Act 13 of 1999. 220 (b) inserted by SRO No.665/96