Fifth Schedule

229[See Sub section (1) of Section 175]

Functions of District Panchayats

(A) General Functions

  1. Mobilisation of the technical expertise available from Government-non-Government institutions.
  2. Provide technical assistance to Block Panchayats, Village Panchayats and Municipalities.
  3. Prepare schemes after taking into account the schemes of the Village Panchayat and the Block Panchayat to avoid duplication and to provide forward-backward linkage.

(B) Sectorwise Functions

  1. Agriculture
    1. Running of agriculture farms other than regional farms and research centres.
    2. Integrated water-shed management in water sheds covering more than one block panchayat area.
    3. Provide for agricultural inputs.
    4. Soil testing
    5. Pest control
    6. Marketing of agricultural products
    7. Cultivation of ornamental plants.
    8. Promotion of agricultural co-operatives
    9. Promotion of commercial crops.
    10. Application of bio-technology.
    11. Popularisation of innovative field trials and pilot projects.
    12. Conduct of locally appropriate research and development.
  2. Animal Husbandry and dairy Farming
    1. Running of district level veterinary hospitals and laboratories.
    2. Running of dairy extension units.
    3. Promotion of Milk co-operative societies.
    4. Running of farms other than regional farms, breeding farms and research centres.
    5. Implementation of district level training.
    6. Implementation of disease prevention programmes.
    7. Propagating new methods of field trials and pilot projects.
    8. Locally relevant research and development.
  3. Minor Irrigation
    1. Development of ground water resources.
    2. Construction and maintenance of minor irrigation schemes covering more than one block panchayat.
    3. Command area development.
  4. Fisheries
    1. Arrangements for fish marketing
    2. Management of fish farm development agency.
    3. Management of district level pisci-culture centres net making units, fish markets, feed mills, ice plants and cold storages.
    4. Management of fisheries schools.
    5. Introduction of new technologies.
    6. Provide implements required for fishermen.
    7. Promotion of fishermen’s co-operative societies.
  5. Small Scale Industries.
    1. Management of district industries centres.
    2. Promotion of small scale industries.
    3. Setting up of industrial estates.
    4. Organising exhibitions for sale of products
    5. Conduct of entrepreneur development programme.
    6. Marketing of products.
    7. Imparting training.
    8. Create input service and common facility centres.
    9. Implementation of industries development credit schemes.
  6. Housing
    1. Implementation of housing complex and infrastructure development.
    2. Mobilisation of housing finance.
  7. Water Supply
    1. Implementation of water supply schemes covering more than one village panchayat.
    2. Taking over of water supply schemes covering more than one village panchayat.
  8. Electricity & Energy
    1. Taking over of micro-hydal projects.
    2. Determining priority areas for extension of electricity.
  9. Education.
    1. Management of Government high schools (including Lower and Upper Primary Schools attached to high schools).
    2. Management of Government Higher Secondary schools.
    3. Management of Government Technical Schools.
    4. Management of Government Vocational Training Centres and Polytechnics.
    5. Management of government Vocational Higher Secondary Schools.
    6. Management of District Institute for Education and Training.
    7. Co-ordination of centrally and state sponsored programmes related to education.
  10. Public Works.
    1. Construction and maintenance of all district roads vested within the district panchayat other than major district roads.
    2. Construction of building for institutions transferred.
  11. Public Health & Sanitations
    1. Management of district hospitals with all systems of medicines.
    2. Setting up of centres for the care of special categories of handicapped and mentally disabled people.
    3. Co-ordination of centrally and state sponsored programmes at district level.
  12. Social Welfare
    1. Provide grants to orphanages.
    2. Establishment of welfare centres for the handicapped and destitutes.
  13. Poverty Alleviation
    1. Providing infrastructure facilities for self employment programme.
  14. Development of Scheduled Caste-Scheduled Tribe
    1. Management of post metric hostels.
    2. Management of vocational training centres for the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes.
  15. Sports and Cultural affairs.
    Construction of India.
  16. Co-operation
    1. Organisation of co-operatives within the limits of district panchayat.
    2. Strengthening of the co-operative institutions.]