17. Procedure on attachment

When the Government decide to attach any funds under S. 4 or under S. 6 of the Act, the following procedure shall be observed, namely :-

  1. the Government shall issue a notice to the local authority prohibiting the collection or management of such funds by the local authority, and vesting the administration thereof in such officer as the Government may appoint. The Government shall cause such notice to be published in the Government Gazette, and in such other manner as it may deem fit within the local limits of the area subject to the control of the local authority;
  2. the officer appointed by the Government under S. 4 or under S. 6 of the Act shall pay the moneys collected or received under such attachment to the lender, or in the case of a Government loan, into the Government Treasury;
  3. the said officer shall, prepare the accounts of money so collected and of the cost of collection in such form as the Government may, from time to time, direct. He shall deliver a copy of the accounts to the local authority and shall cause a copy to be published in the Gazette.