9. Power of Government or District Collector to suspend exhibition of films in certain cases

  1. The Government in respect of the whole of the State or any part thereof, and the District Collector within whose jurisdiction may,--
    1. if they or he are or is of opinion that any film which is being or is about to be publicly exhibited is likely to cause a breach of the peace, or
    2. for any other sufficient reason, by order suspend the exhibition of the film; and during such suspension no person shall exhibit such film or permit it to be exhibited in any place in the State or any part of district thereof, as the case may be.
  2. No order shall be issued under sub-section (1) until the person concerned has been given a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against the order proposed to be issued in regard to him :
    Provided that this sub-section shall not apply where the Government or the District Collector proposing to issue the order are or is satisfied that owing to any emergency or for some other reason to be recorded by them or him in writing it is not reasonably practicable to give to that person an opportunity of showing cause.
    Provided further that a copy of the reasons recorded by he Government or the District Collector for issuing the order shall be communicated to the person concerned as soon as it becomes reasonably practicable to communicate the reasons to him.
  3. If any question arises whether it is reasonably practicable to give to any person an opportunity of showing cause under sub-section (2), the decision thereon of the Government or the District Collector as the case may be, shall be final.
  4. Where an order under sub-section (1), has been issued by the District Collector, a copy thereof together with a statement of the reasons therefor, shall forthwith be forwarded by him to the Government, and the Government may, on a consideration of all the facts of the case, vary or discharge the order.
  5. An order issued under sub-section (1) shall, remain in force for a period of two weeks from the date thereof, but the Government may, if they are of opinion that the order should continue in force, direct that the period of suspension shall be extended by such further period or periods not exceeding six weeks in the aggregate as they think fit :
    Provided that the Government or the District Collector may review their own order.