282. Adjudication of disputes between Panchayats

  1. Where a dispute exists among two or more village Panchayats or between a village panchayat and one or more than one block Panchayats or between a village Panchayat and a district Panchayat or between a district Panchayat and one or more block Panchayats or among two or more block Panchayat and or among two or more district Panchayats in regard to any matter arising under the provisions of this or any other law and the Panchayats involved in the dispute are according to their own admission unable to settle amicably any officer of the Government authorised by the Government in this behalf by general or special order, may take such action as is necessary to settle the dispute by himself or if it cannot be so settled, refer it with a report to the Government for decision.
  2. Any decision of the Government under sub-section (1) shall be binding on each Panchayat involved in the dispute and shall not be liable to be questioned in any court of law.