271 R. Procedures to be prescribed

  1. The Government may make rules in respect of the following matters, namely: -
    1. The conditions of service of 216[the person of the Ombudsman and Ombudsman’s] staff;
    2. The manner of filing complaints before the Ombudsman and the manner or filling cases either suo moto or on reference by State Government
    3. The manner and procedure of conducting investigation;
    4. Procedure for moving the appropriate authority for the initiation of prosecution;
    5. Procedure to be followed during the inquiry, which as far as possible be summary proceedings;
    6. The manner of implementing the order of the Ombudsman and further proceedings;
    7. The form for filing complaints to Ombudsman;
    8. Any other matter which the Government may deem necessary to prescribe.

216Substituted by Act 12 of 2001.