271 Q. Disposal of complaints

  1. The Ombudsman may consider and dispose of complaints other than those involving criminal offences, in the following manner, -
    1. award of compensation, to a citizen in case of loss or grievance;
    2. Order the recovery of loss caused to the Local Self Government Institution from the person responsible;
    3. Order the supply of omission or rectification of defects due to inaction;
    4. Order the recovery of loss from the accused failing which, order realisation through Revenue Recovery Proceedings;
    5. Order other necessary remedial measures considering the facts and circumstances of the case.
  2. Where the Ombudsman finds that the procedure or practice regarding the administration of Local Self Government Institution gives room for complaint, it may give suggestions to the Government or Local Self Government Institutions relating to the measures for avoiding the recurrence of such complaint.
  3. The Ombudsman shall give annually a detailed report regarding the performance of its functions under this Act to the Government and the Government it shall lay it before the Legislative Assembly with an explanatory memorandum.