31. Procedure on failure to contribute cost or labour for work to be done by joint labour.

  1. Where, by focal custom or for any other good reason, any work connected with irrigation or flood control or drainage of water for the purpose of agriculture is to be done by the joint labour or at the cost of owners of all the lands likely to be benefited by such work, and where any of such owners fails or neglects to do his share of the work or contribute his share of the cost of labour, it shall be lawful for the Collector, or the Punja Special Officer, appointed by Government in this behalf or any other officer authorised by the Government, on the application of one or more of the owners interested in such work or injured or likely to be injured by such failure or neglect, to investigate the matter and pass such order as he deems fit, and he may, by such order, also direct the defaulting owner to execute any portion of such work or pay any portion of the cost of the work.
  2. An order directing that the defaulting owner shall execute the portion of the work shall also specify the portion of the work to be executed, the time within which it should be done, and the estimate of the cost of such work prepared in such manner as may be prescribed.
  3. Where the defaulting owner refuses or fails to execute such work within the time specified in the order under sub-section (1), the Collector, the Punja Special Officer or such other officer authorised by the Government under that sub-section may entrust the work to be executed by some other person, and the cost thereof may be recovered from the defaulting owner in such manner as may be prescribed.