271 D. Penalty for withholding information

  1. The Secretary or any officer of the Panchayat responsible for furnishing any information under this Chapter shall be personally liable for furnishing the same within the period prescribed unless such information is in respect of a notified document.
  2. Where such information is not furnished within the time specified, the officer responsible for not furnishing the information shall be punishable with a fine of rupees fifty for each day of delay after the due date for furnishing the information and the fine so collected shall be credited to the fund of the Panchayat. (3) where the Secretary of the Panchayat or any other officer bound to furnish the information fails to do so or furnishes false information in respect of its material particulars which he knows or has reason to believe it to be false or not true, he shall be punishable with a fine which shall not be less than rupees one thousand.