269. Definition. - In this chapter

  1. ‘hospital’ means any establishment or premises used or intended to be used for the reception or accommodation of persons suffering from any sickness, injury or infirmity whether of body or mind, and the providing of treatment or nursing or both for them, and includes a maternity home, but does not include any hospital or nursing homes, licensed under the Mental Health Act, 1987 (Central Act 14 of 1987), and institutions for the care of mentally retarded persons and leprosy patients, and institutions run by the Government or voluntary organisations for the care of old people and for conducting welfare activities for them.
  2. ‘maternity home’ means an establishment where women are usually received and accommodated for the purpose of confinement and antenatal and post-natal care in connection with the child birth or anything connected therewith.
  3. ‘Private hospital’ means any hospital other than a hospital belonging to or administered by the Central Government or State Government.
  4. ‘private para-medical institution’ includes privately owned clinical laboratory X-ray unit, blood bank, scanning centres, etc., and training centres 207[and Nursing schools] relating to the respective subjects.

207Substituted by Act 13 of 1999.