• Town and Country Planning Department -Appointment to the cadre of Administrative Assistant
  • List of Additional Director of Panchayats and Joint Director of Panchayats for the Year 2017
  • Kerala Civil Service (Classification, Control & Appeal) Amendment Rules 2017
  • Kerala Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Amendment Rules 2016
  • വിശാല കൊച്ചി വികസന അതോറിറ്റി കൌണ്‍സില്‍ രൂപീകരണം
  • വിശാല കൊച്ചി വികസന അതോറിറ്റി രൂപീകരണം
  • Smt Yamuna V –Finance officer in Ombudsman for LSGI’s Thiruvananthapuram
  • ചാവക്കാട് നഗര സഭ - ശ്രീ എം ആര്‍ സലിംഷായുടെ ഹാജരില്ലായ്മ കാലയളവ്‌ ക്രമീകരിച്ച ഉത്തരവ്
  • Kerala Stamp Act ,1959 (17 0f 1959) a new section 28B has been inserted by Kerala Finance Bill – Authorize an Engineer not below the rank of Assistant Engineer of Engineering Wing of the Local Self Government Institution concerned as the competent authority to issue valuation certificate for flat/apartment for the purpose of the above said section
  • Town and Country Planning Department -Select List for the appointment to the cadre of Deputy Town Planner_2016


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